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This website began with the "Happenings" page in February of 2001.  I bought a digital camera and it became an adventurous year of travels, concerts and the completion of my CD "Good Thing".  These pages became a diary sharing my experiences with the people I've had the pleasure to meet along the way. 

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  More travels, more gigs and a NEW CD!!!

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In the Studio...

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Mexico, Kansas, & Yet Another Rare Hawaiian Guitar?

With Dave Zobl.  Photo by Barry Sharp

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Holidays, Gigs and More Stringed Instruments


Check out photos from RiverJamm 2002 with Celeste Krenz

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Gigging & Camping in the Rockies

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Rocky Mountain National Park

Gigs with Dysfunction Junction

June 2002

Check out my June travels to Europe

2002 What's Going On Pages

May 2002 - Traveling to Monterey and Building the Watergarden

April 2002 - "Good Thing" CD Release Party

March 2002 - Dysfunction Junction Gig Photos, Subdudes Reunion Concerts, National Guitar Restoration

February 2002 - "Good Thing" CD broadcast on web radio and linking up to sites

January 2002 - New Years in Estes Park, Dysfunction Junction photos and visitors from Brussels and Canada

Travels to National Parks                          Travels to Italy & Greece


2001 What's Going On Pages

December 2001 - Home for the Holidays and the Celeste Krenz, Bob Tyler, Rich Moore & 3 Twins Concert

November 2001 - Thanksgiving, Steamboat Springs trip, and a Dysfunction Junction gig with my out of town guests

October 2001 - Travels to Brussels and meeting up with Jessica in Milan

In October of last year I designed a new website, however, I left the old website up since there are some great stories and photos.

Old Happenings Pages:  More stories of travels and music including special events such as the Musicians Cabin Retreat which help formed the band Zebra Junction

Old Travels Pages:  These pages contain my National Park "wall of fame" containing photos of all the National Parks I had visited to date.  It also has the photos from my travels through Italy and Greece.