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 1.  Good Thing 
 2.  Touch The Moon 
 3.  Far Away From Here
 4.  Recipe Box
 5.  Too Soon To Say
 6.  Mo' Trouble Than Love
7. I Can't Hold Her Down
8.  Down In Tuscany 
9. Somewhere In Between
  10. It's My Turn
11.  In Your Eyes

Good Thing

I had found this Harmony tenor 4-string guitar.  I had always loved Tim O'brien's archtop bouzouki, so I had Micah convert the Harmony into the poor man's flea-market 8-string bouzouki.  The day I got it back from Micah, I wrote Good Thing.  This was the week I was going into the studio and we picked five songs to record.  Bob liked Good Thing and we decided if there was time to record a sixth song, we'd try it.  I didn't have a bridge, so Bob came up with it and we laid the tracks!  This song transformed over time.  At the last minute we decided to try adding the lapsteel.  I basically improvised the lick on the spot and it became a favorite and the title track for the CD.  We don't need no stinkin' guitar on this song!

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Good Thing

The good thing is we met when we did
A little time is just what I needed
Not long ago 
I would have turned away in fear
But the sight of you has come right now 
right now and right here
That's the good thing
Yeah, yeah, yeah
That's the good thing
Yeah, yeah
I wasn't really looking
Yeah, yeah, yeah
And that's the good thing
Now you've caught my eye
I'm like a big telescope
The more I focus in
the more you give me hope
And without compromising who I am
Baby, I just want to get this thing 
as right as I can   (Chorus)
I've been told that love comes in its own time
Now I know this love has got its own mind
And that's the good thing
We got a good, good thing...
Yeah, Yeah... and that's the good thing


Touch the Moon

I had hosted a Musician's Cabin Retreat with the band Zebra Junction.  I rented three cabins in the mountains and setup some mics and jammed.  After a great snowshoe hike, I came back and opened my journal that I took with me to Hawaii and found the scribble "Touch the Moon".  Touch the Moon was written  and we actually played it together that night.

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Touch the Moon


The winds are steady on the islands tonight

The setting sun is dancing on the waves

Streaks of gold fade as stars ignite

across the backdrop of amazing grace


And in the distance the steel drums linger

over the crashing waves as seabirds croon

I watch your eyes pan across the sky

as you take your finger

as if you could touch the moon


Touch the moon tonight

Touch the moon tonight

Touch the moon

Touch the moon

Touch the moon tonight


Across the island the bonfires blaze

and the crowds all dance

The flames are flickering in your eyes

Your silouette sways

as youíre reachiní up your hands

To touch the moon tonight    (Chorus)


And from up above

the flames look like stars

The dancers look like waves of motion

Waves of energy surrounded by

the waves of the ocean    (Chorus)



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Far Away From Here

I wrote this song for a moose.  Just kidding.  Actually, I dragged my friend and wonderful singer/songwriter, Ange, around northern Colorado looking for moose.  On the drive we exchanged stories of loading up our cars and moving to Colorado.  I was hosting a songwriter's circle and I asked each of the songwriter's to bring a new tune.  The night before, I didn't have one myself and I came up with Far Away From Here... Ange was there to hear it and it was probably the last time we played together before she loaded up and moved back to California!

Far Away From Here


You sayÖ to open my heart to you

But you see I moved here

to make a new start and I plan to

And all I packed is what would fit in my car

And I never planned on taking my heart


And they say home is where the heart is

And home is where that part is..

A far, far away from hereÖ

So if youíre searchiní for my heart

Itís a far, far away from here


You sayÖ that Iím the one youíve been hoping to find

But my heart was freshly broken

and so I left it behind

And once I get my life together - I can go get it back

But right at this moment Iím not ready for thatÖ   (Chorus)


All I want to do is work hard

Had it all planned out

To take some time for myself

Iím sorry if Iíve been misleadiní

But I never planned on us meeting

No, I never thought Iíd be needing my heart


And you sayÖ to open my heart to you


Recipe Box  ...for Mom

My Mom had this indescribable, humble, gracious way of giving of herself.  Most often her compassionate ways went unrecognized accept in retrospect when she wasn't around.  I had tried to capture that many times in song.

It's amazing how just seeing her handwriting brings back memories to all the senses...  I wrote this song on a puddle-jumper plane between Washington D.C. and Richmond.

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Recipe Box


I was searching through some photographs

hoping for a picture and a thousand words

But I couldn't find the love and laughs

and all the kindness so her justice could be served


And for years I've held onto the same old letter

once packaged with her cookies

still smeared on the page

But this morning in the attic

I uncovered her treasure

Her box of recipes she had written throughout her days


Mom left me her box of love

with the sweetest recipes

She left the key that unlocks the love

long after she had to leave


As I read each card I can remember

sittin' in the kitchen watching her prepare

The smells of spices, the grind of the blender

As I read her writing again, you know it sends me there 



I've tried to recreate what she's made in the past

but I figured it was her secret

and she'd keep it somehow

Now she reveals the missing ingredient at last

She wrote just for me to see it

and I know her secret now...


For on my favorite recipes she had penned

my name with a heart above

And listed with the ingredients

was a cupful of Mother's love


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Too Soon To Say

I spent six months in California living within the Santa Monica Mountain recreation area.  I traveled to Joshua Tree National Park and took a boat to Channel Islands National Park.  I wrote this song during that time trying to capture that special moment in a relationship - the first time you say those three small words.


Too Soon To Say


Too soon to say

that this is forever

We prove each day

that we belong together

Of all the things

that weíve been discoveriní

This is the first time

that Iím left wondering

If itís too soon to sayÖ


I don't want to scare you away

I don't want to find out it's too late

Is it too soon to say... I love you


I never hesitated

to tell you how I feel

The words never waited

to question how real

Youíve made it easy

and Iíve felt so assured

So why do I find myself questioning

three small words

Is it too soon to sayÖ     (Chorus)


In the heat of romance

can I say the words

Will I take my chance

or will I lose my nerve