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 Here are some photos of Dwight and the instruments used on Good Thing.

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1917 Gibson A-1 Mandolin


I've had Marley since 1996.  I had been playing mandolin for about a year.  Since then, Marley has been on many travels and hikes with me.  Since playing with the band Dysfunction Junction, her top has begun to wear around the soundhole.  She's been very good to me.


Played on Touch the Moon, Too Soon To Say, I Can't Hold Her Down & Down in Tuscany

Late 80's Taylor 712c


I bought it used about 10 years ago and it has been beaten and dropped on the road, but remains my main guitar.


Played on Far Away From Here, Recipe Box, Too Soon To Say, I Can't Hold Her Down, Somewhere in Between  & It's My Turn

20's Weissenborn Hawaiian Guitar


I dreamed about these Hawaiian numbers, but never thought I'd actually find one.  This has been source of great joy.  I play it on a Rolling Stones song and a Dave Matthews song with the band.  I also play several songs on it during my solo set, which led to me adding In Your Eyes to the CD as a last minute addition.


Played on In Your Eyes

50's Tenor Guitar converted into an 8-string Bouzouki/Octave Mandolin


I found this for 170 bucks in pretty mint condition and had Micah covert it for me.  The day I got it back, I wrote That's The Good Thing

Played on That's The Good Thing & Down In Tuscany

1938 Kalamazoo Mandola


I love the way this thing sounds.  I've written a couple songs on it.  The top has started to sink, therefore, I don't take it out to gigs anymore.  I save it for recording sessions and capo up my bouzouki to play mandola parts.

Played on Too Soon To Say & Down In Tuscany




This a 9 string mandolin German instrument.  It has a beautiful lute-style soundhole.  It has a longer scale than the mandolin, so I tuned it to an E.


Nothing like throwing your waldzither in the truck when your going snowshoeing.

Played on Down In Tuscany


Teens Gibson Mandocello


A perfect big brother to Marley.  I borrowed Charlie Provenza's Mandocello for the session.  He brings it out to his gigs with the Denver Mandolin Orchestra.

In the early 1900's Mandolin Orchestras were quite popular.  Therefore, mandolin is to violin, mandola is to viola, and mandocello is to cello.

Played on Down In Tuscany.  I had fun coming up with this part.  I told Charlie it turned out sounding like an archtop guitar...  He replied, "That's pretty much what it is..."



Kay Upright Bass


I had lent my bass to Bob Tyler.  Bob was hinting that he was falling in love with it.  One night we were playing a house concert in Boulder.  He played this hilarious song, Lolita.  The crowd sensed his love for the bass they named her Lolita.  When it came time to pack up, Bob had a choice of putting the bass in my truck and driving Celeste home, instead, he put Lolita in the car and I drove Celeste home....  I still haven't got her back yet.

Played on Down In Tuscany

Regal Resophonic Guitar


I've always looked for vintage instruments and fixed them up.  I never could afford a dobro or a national steel guitar.  I picked this up for 300 bucks and slapped a magnetic pickup and it does it's job at gigs - it makes people go, "look at that shiny guitar."


Played on Mo' Trouble Than Love

50's Supro Comet Lapsteel


I picked this one up on e-Bay.  With the legs attached I dreamed of playing David Lindley licks with the band.


Played on Good Thing & It's My Turn


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I endorse Pick-up the World pickups in his instruments.  Since I play with a full band, I have begun installing Pick-up the World pickups and leave the original pickup in there and wire them in stereo through a Rane AP13 stereo preamp.  But the new pickups sound like a microphone without the feedback so the instruments sound great!  I haven't found the great amplifier yet, but I'm working on it.  Email me if you want to talk tech talk.