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 Here are some of the stringed instruments that have passed through my hands over the years.

Bouzouki/Citterns/Mandocello    Mandolins     Hawaiian Guitars/Ukes     Guitars

Cittern, Bouzouki, Mandocello,Guitarra

Archtop Cittern

This was a no-name old archtop guitar.  I think it might be an Orpheum brand.  I loved the tone, so I had Micah convert it to a 10-string cittern.

Danelectro Cittern/Mandocello

I believe this was built by Subway Guitars from an old Danelectro Longhorn.

Weymann Bouzouki/Octave Mandolin

Another conversion by Micah from a tenor guitar.  I wish I had this one for the recording of Good Thing - it sounds richer than the harmony.

Portuguese Guitarra

It originally had 12 strings, however I converted it to a 10-string.


Mandolins Also check out the mandolins I played on the "Good Thing" CD.

Lark Senior Mandolin

I've never seen another one of these.  It has a nice lark decal and musical note fret markers.

1957 Gibson F-12

Believe it or not, this is the mandolin I started playing on!  Not bad for a starter, huh?  Actually, I didn't really play it much, because I was worried I would damage it at a bar.  Once I found Marley, I stored this one away and eventually, sold it to help fund my CD project.

Dobro Mandolin

In the spirit of Sam Bush, I have this setup with 4 strings for slide mandolin.

Fender 5-String Electric Mandolin

Jammin' Sunshine of Your Love with Howard.

Hawaiian Guitars & Ukuleles Also check out the Weissenborn and Supro lapsteel  I played on the "Good Thing" CD.

Oahu and Supertone

The Oahu sounds suprisingly nice and bright.  The other one is a wallhanger.

Bear Creek Hawaiian Slide Guitar

I went on a vacation in Hawaii and stopped by Bear Creek guitars and tried one of Bob Brozman's first guitars that was in for adjustment.  I didn't really know how to play, but I ordered one.  About 6 months later, I found a real Weissenborn.  Then another 6 months later, Bill finished this one.  It is so beautiful.

Concert Zither & Ukuleles

A Kent Baritone, Harmony Concert & Soprano Uke.

I endorse Pick-up the World pickups in his instruments.  Since I play with a full band, I have begun installing Pick-up the World pickups and leave the original pickup in there and wire them in stereo through a Rane AP13 stereo preamp.  The new pickups sound like a microphone without the feedback so the instruments sound great!  I haven't found the great amplifier yet, but I'm working on it.  Email me if you want to talk tech talk.


The 3 Tenors

A Harmony, Kalamazoo & Marwin tenor archtop guitar.

German Harp Guitar

Double neck restored by Micah - on now has a new owner in Arizona... sniff...  Makin' room for more crazy strings....

Fender Esprit

I don't play any electric guitar on my CD, however, I have been playing it with the band lately.  I had to get this because I'm a huge Robben Ford fan.

Warmoth Strat

I used to play in a blues band back in Chicago.  I bought all the parts and built this specifically for slide guitar playing.

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