Colorado Dragon Boat Festival Song

Dragon Boat

Dragon Boat - Click here to hear the song   

Written by Dwight Mark - Copyright 2006

Just two weeks before the 2006 Colorado Dragon Boat Festival, Dwight attended the performers meeting and decided to write a song for the festival.  He performed the song on the stage that year, and in April of 2007, Dwight decided to record the song for the 2007 festival.

"I wanted to capture my own memories, images and feelings of the festival in the song. From the 'eye-dotting' rituals of the opening ceremony, to my early morning walk of the festival grounds as the food and market vendors prepared for the day, to standing along the beach surrounded by community members young and old and of all races stomping along with the beat of the drums as they cheered on their dragon boat teams. 

The words in the bridge of the song "Community, diversity, in harmony" is really a tribute to the festival organizers, the patrons, and the surrounding community who make the festival such a cross-cultural success. That is why I chose to include them in the actual singing and shouting on the recording of the song. Having them in the studio along with the all-star stellar cast of Jack Hadley and his band has made producing this song as joyful of an experience as the festival itself."    -- Dwight Mark

Dragon Boat - Click here to hear the song  Copyright 2006

Recorded at Soundstream Studios in Arvada

Engineered by Gary Flori


Dwight Mark - Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin & Vocal

Jack Hadley - Electric Guitar

Philip Weightman - Drums

Bryan Gordan - Bass

Jeremy Lawton - Keys

Background Vocals - Jack Hadley, Erin Yoshimura, Gil Asakawa, Leanne McDorman, Ding-Wen Hsu & Angela Gold

Dwight will perform with Jack Hadley and his Band at the 2008 Colorado Dragon Boat Festival

on Sunday, July 27th at Noon.

Click here to see videos of Dwight's performance at the 2006 & 2007 Colorado Dragon Boat Festival on youtube.

Dragon Boat 

Written by Dwight Mark 

Copyright 2006


They’ve dotted they eyes to bring the spirits alive

These ancient dragons awake

From the far east to the west - they meet at this fest

To bless the waters on Sloan’s lake


                They say prosperity and dreams will float

                For the community and the fastest team’s boat  


So I say…  

Go,    Go     dragonboat

Go,    Go     dragonboat

Go,    Go     dragonboat

Go dragonboat               


At the crack of dawn while the water’s still calm

The vendors prepare the marketplace

Now there is food, there is fashion - performance with passion

As the water chariots race


                And along the beach, the young and old

                They stomp to the drumbeats, as they’re cheering on those boats     


And they scream…                

Go,    Go     dragon boat

Go,    Go     dragon boat

Go,    Go     dragon boat

Go – oh-ooo-ohhh  dragon boat    


Community  -  Diversity  -  In Harmony

Won’t you sing with me

Sing it with me

Community  -  Diversity  -  In Harmony

Won’t you sing with me

Sing it with me  


Go,    Go     dragon boat

Go,    Go     dragon boat

Go,    Go     dragon boat

Go  dragon boat