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Singer-Songwriter, Dwight Mark, has been honing his pop-rock, folk and blues musical stylings for over twenty years. With the release of his second recording, Soul's Engines, Dwight continues to share his feel-good Americana music with a soulful voice and a host of vintage acoustic mandolins, guitars and the Hawaiian Weissenborn steel guitar. Returning to Dwight's sophomore release, Soul's Engines, is the supporting cast of the Subdudes' John Magnie & Steve Amedee as well as acoustic music's finest performers such as Mollie O'Brien, Ross Martin, Rich Moore, the Winstons and others.

"It's a Good Thing that Dwight Mark has brought traditional acoustic stringed instruments to a new place. With songs that range from sweet ballads to rockin' slide blues he blends the sounds of mandolin, bouzouki, mandola, Weissenborn, and others into an album that at times sounds almost Beatle-esque"

                                - Blix Street Records Artist, Celeste Krenz


Dwight began his musical career in Chicago as a leader of the band, the Blues Express, as well as a solo and side musician playing local clubs and festivals.  Prior to his move to Colorado in 1996, he purchased a mandolin and dobro and began studying bluegrass music.  Once in Colorado, Dwight quickly adapted the mandolin and bottleneck slide dobro guitar into contemporary folk and rock music. 

Dwight began performing at Colorado festivals, songwriter showcases and regularly with the acoustic funk-rock jam-band, Dysfunction Junction.  This allowed Dwight to stretch out playing as many as a dozen different instruments each performance - wowing crowds with his versatility and inventiveness applying traditional folk instruments to modern rock music. 

Since moving to Colorado, Dwight has visited 35 National Parks, as well as backpacked throughout Europe with a mandolin and guitar, which provided the inspiration to write many songs portraying his love for nature, culture, travels and music around the world.

His recent performances include the Film on the Rocks Series at Red Rocks Amphitheater as well as the South Florida’s New Times Beer Festival, Denver Highlands Square Festival, Cherry Creek Arts Festival, several shows at the Oriental Theater and the Colorado Dragon Boat Festival, which featured his growing mastery of the Weissenborn, a rare Hawaiian slide guitar built in the 1920’s which is played on the lap with a steel bar.

From the Soul's Engines liner notes...

To me, the soul of a person is the essence of every experience stored in their mind and felt in the heart. There's a connection between what we remember about our experiences, how we feel about them, and how we share it through our stories and disposition. Sometimes it's difficult to keep life's demands from interrupting that connection between the mind, heart and soul… times when life itself takes over and our soul's engines are left idling, without inspiration.

These songs come from the fuel of my soul's engines - my travels, my relationships, my experiences both good and bad, and my old stringed instruments which have a soul of their own with decades of stories in every ring of the grain. I hope this music inspires you to fuel and fire up your own soul's engines.